AML-Interservice is adept in everything concerning support for ship’s crew. We assist and manage the complete crew change process whether it concerns transport or visa processing

Crew changes

When it comes to arranging crew changes we offer assistance throughout the entire process. By using regular chauffeurs and taxi companies, with whom we have agreed upon fixed prices, we provide low-cost but most of all reliable transport. Besides this logistical part we also arrange Letters of Guarantee, Letters of Invitation and Schengenvisa for offsigners. We have good relations with authorities like the Royal Marechaussee and Seaport Police. The same goes for different hotels all over the Netherlands, also allowing us to have convenient fixed prices.


Arranging visa applications for crewmembers is another essential part of the services that we as AML-Interservice offer. Thanks to our knowledge and the good relations we hold with several consulates we don’t just lighten your workload but even speed up the process. We are one of the few agencies specialized in USA visa application for crewmembers and technical personnel assisting on ships. Our services entail assembling all the necessary documents, preparing your application and arranging your appointment, including transport, at the consulate concerned.

Courier service

Since we work with regular dependable drivers we are also a reliable partner in transporting confidential documents. We can, for instance, pick up or deliver your important documents at Aviapartner at Schiphol or at your company.